Private Tuition

My name is Anne Hope and I am an experienced private, personal maths, English and science tutor providing one to one tuition in places like Birmingham, Worcester and Kidderminster to children and mature students. I normally visit my pupils in the comfort of their own home after they have finished their school day.

I also provide private tuition during the day to those children whose parents have made the decision not to send them to school but, instead, prefer the services of a home school tutor. Home tuition appears to be a growing trend and I can guide you through the process with the local education authority.

Private tutoring is available to children of all ages but I also teach adults who frequently wish to improve their education standards to enhance their career opportunities.

In today’s competitive employment marketplace it is preferable that your child obtains as high a standard of school qualifications as they possibly can.Therefore, additional private maths lessons could make the difference between getting a higher grade in GCSE Maths or A level Maths. Whilst I make no guarantees, as an experienced private GCSE and A level maths, english and science tutor, I can help your child achieve the best academic results that they are capable of. Indeed, in all the subjects that I provide private tuition for, I am proud to say that better grades than expected are regularly obtained. These improved grades could make the difference between your child being offered a place at the university of their choice or obtaining a suitable job.

Most of the pupils that I now provide one to one tuition for have been recommended to me by the parents of children whom I have been their private local maths tutor for in the past or are the younger brothers and sisters of those I have previously provided private tuition to which is testament to the excellent reputation I have built up.

I also provide personal tuition to a number of children who are dyslexic. Having a son who was diagnosed with dyslexia has helped me to provide the appropriate additional support and guidance that children with this learning difficulty undoubtedly need.

If you are considering educating your child at an independent school I can also advise you on the most suitable private school for your child.

Feel free to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your child requires individual, personal, private tuition with an English, science or maths tutor in Birmingham, Worcester or Kidderminster or the surrounding area please e-mail me at and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.